SalingSilang Launches SXindeks, Tracks Indonesia’s Digital Conversations



We were at SalingSilang’s office last week and had the privilege to get a sneak peek at its new social media analytics product, SXindeks which launches today. This social media tracking and analysis product is unique, in the sense that it is built for the Indonesian market only. Brands in Indonesia would surely welcome SXindeks to help them understand what Indonesians are discussing in the social sphere. Right now, SXindeks only analyzes the digital conversations on Twitter but we were told that the team is working on Facebook tracking soon.

SXindeks is a keywords-based, real-time social media analytics platform that allows brands to understand who their influencers are, the sentiment of the community voice, the volume of tweets versus time period, etc. It also has a heat map to identify where the buzz is coming from geographically, but only tweets that are tagged with locations will be mapped. The information tracked and analyzed by SalingSilang’s SXindeks is particularly useful for brands. Beside knowing whether conversations are positive or negative, SXindeks’ tweet volume versus time chart allows brands to understand when is the best time to engage with Twitter followers. The heat map will help to identify key locations of its influencers, which might be a hint that more offline activities should be done there.

SXindeks allows multiple users to be assigned to a campaign. An administrator can also assign a particular tweet to one of the staff who might be a better person to address the issue at hand. This way, social media becomes like a customer service tool. Didi Nugrahadi, one of the founders of SalingSilang told me previously that he has long wanted to do a platform business. I guess he finally has one now and it looks like a big one as there aren’t any (as far as I can see) other social media analytics focusing just on Bahasa Indonesia.

For those who are doing business in Indonesia and are interested in testing out SXindeks, head over here to submit your request.

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