Click and Send: New Sukamart Offers to Deliver Your Groceries in Indonesia

Enricko Lukman
3:00 pm on Jan 9, 2013

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Today, Sumisho E-Commerce Indonesia, a joint venture between Japan-based Sumitomo Corporation and Sumitomo Indonesia, officially launched its Indonesian grocery e-commerce website (“suka” means “like” in Indonesian). Sporting the tagline “less traffic jam, more quality time,” the e-commerce site promises to save your time by providing delivery services for your groceries.

Sukamart has six main product categories: food, beverages, personal care, health products, baby care, and home and kitchen. The website boasts of over 1,000 products at the moment and promises to deliver your groceries in the space of two days for Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) residents. It can also deliver nationwide, but that may take more delivery time – up to seven days – and is quite expensive. All deliveries will be done by JNE services.

Users then can choose to make their payments using bank transfer from BCA, Mandiri, and BRI accounts. At the moment Sukamart offers a free delivery service for up to 5 kg of groceries in the Jabodetabek area until January 31st. The site supports English and Indonesian.

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Briefly comparing the new site with Carrefour’s Click and Drive, I found that Sukamart’s site’s products are generally a bit more expensive. But of course Sukamart also has some products that aren’t available on Carrefour, and Carrefour doesn’t offer delivery services yet and demands that customers pick up their own items. I’d say that Sukamart is an interesting option if you want to save time on grocery shopping, but I wouldn’t recommend this just yet for those of you living outside the Jabodetabek area due to the aforementioned delivery charges there.

Sukamart plans to add more products – over 15,000 by the end of this year – and to build warehouses outside Jakarta to widen the delivery service outside the Jabodetabek area and make it more affordable too. Furthermore, Sukamart is going to offer a cash on delivery (COD) payment service starting this week. Payment methods like credit cards, internet banking, and other methods, will be supported in the near future.

It should be noted that Sumitomo Corporation has previously built two other grocery e-commerce sites in Japan and China. The one in Japan is, and the Shanghai-based service is The success of China’s largest online groceries mall,, which is now largely owned by Walmart, shows that this can be a very lucrative sector.

  • Anand

    Nice article Enricko!

    The concept of online grocery shopping is spreading very fast in Asian countries. However, there are two main problems with this model. First is the warehousing and logistics. Though, the online grocers enjoy the benefits of economy of scale, the logistics cost/delivery eats up much of the profit margin which is usually lower unlike other segment of e-commerce. The reasons may include having a central warehousing and delivering goods to nook and corner of the city.

    Second is the loss of shopping experience. People still like the experience of being in the store and spend time choosing the products. But, with the current e-commerce formats, the users are completely lost midst poor navigation and page refreshes. Eventually, the user loses the shopping experience as a function though he gets the products delivered after mulling with the online sites.

  • Enricko Lukman

    Nice points there Anand!

    Particularly in Indonesia, there aren’t that many online grocery stores that offer delivery services yet, Sukamart is one of the first here.

    The points you stated there might also be few of the reasons that the big chains aren’t jumping into the e-commerce scene that quickly, but with players like Sukamart making the initiative, and should the venture be successful, I guess it’s just a matter of time until the big chains join the online fray as well.

  • Boyke Priutama

    Hi Enricko, I dont agree with your point: Sukamart is one of the first here. Because in Jakarta, there’s so many Online Groceries, but many not too much published. You can check one of them : Supermarket Jakarta Online.


  • Enricko Lukman

    Hi Boyke, thanks for the tip.

    And we do love discussions here on our site. Supermarket Jakarta Online was indeed developed and launched around the same time as Sukamart :)

  • Bapak

    They are certainly not the first one, I myself has launched an online grocery store, with many already did.

    It is just so hard to find traction. Making people change their behaviour is very difficult.

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