The story behind Japan’s largest online property portal (#StartupAsia preview)


Takashi Inoue, founder and CEO of NEXT

“I was frustrated by the information gap between property developers and the end consumers. Even when I’m part of the real estate industry, obtaining information on properties was very time consuming,” said Takashi Inoue, founder and CEO of NEXT, in a recent interview with Tech in Asia.

Today NEXT has grown beyond its startup status, racking up four million listed properties and over US$117 million in revenue in 2013 with operations in Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Talking with him, Inoue gives a deep impression of a father-like figure who is extremely mission-driven. While revenue is important, he repeatedly emphasizes that money isn’t his priority.

“The vision of the company is very important. It also needs to have a strong set of guiding principles to guide everyone,” Inoue said.

His story is inspiring and worth learning from, regardless if you’re a budding entrepreneur or have been there and done that. When Tech in Asia got the chance, we quickly snapped him up as one of our speakers at Startup Asia Tokyo 2014.

Inoue will share his founding story live on stage at Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 on September 3, from 2.15pm – 2.45pm. We’ll see you there.

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