Jing Zhang
Jing Zhang
7:00 pm on Aug 12, 2014

Toyz may be one of the most successful League of Legends players to hail from Asia, but the former captain of the Season 2 World Champion, the Taipei Assassins, has some advice for aspiring professional players: don’t become addicted to games, stay in school, and learn English.


His whole message can be found on his Facebook page, where Toyz talks of a friend he grew up with and how they walked different paths in life. As kids, both of them loved games, but while his friend stayed in school and continued his studies, Toyz set his books aside and concentrated on gaming.

His friend eventually went on to college and opened his own company in the education field, all the while telling Toyz that he should continue studying. But Toyz, having become a successful pro player and ready to head to the world stage for the Season 2 World Championship, paid him no heed. After all, he was a star now.

It was only after Toyz went abroad did he regret not listening to his friend:

toyz s2

 I couldn’t communicate with the foreigners at all. Even if we’re all playing League of Legends, I didn’t even know how to start a conversation.

And if a fan wanted to just chat or discuss tactics in the midlane with me, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.



Aside from his inability to speak English, Toyz was also expressed regret over his lack of knowledge in everything besides League of Legends. In fact, by not studying as a child, he believes his future path has become very narrow. For his fans in Asia who wish to follow his path, Toy has this to say:

I am not a success story. It just happens that somebody in Taiwan found me to play in matches, and it just so happens that we won the championship. That’s how my life changed, but maybe it’s just because I was really lucky.

Now, Toyz has stated that he will go back and study, and has asked his friend to teach him English. But he has one last word of advice for aspiring professional eSports players:

Don’t become too engrossed. Don’t think that just because you want to become a professional player, it’s ok to disregard everything else. And finally, stay in school.

Toyz’s experience may be a unique case. After all, would he have felt the same way if the Season 2 World Championship was held closer to home and amongst local fans? In any case, the lesson he wishes to pass on is important nonetheless. Stay in school, kids.

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