Startup Weekend Bangkok Winner Plans a Social Service Around Lending Clothes


The top 3 teams at the recent Startup Weekend Bangkok.

Startup Weekend Bangkok went off smoothly earlier this month at the Hubba Thailand co-working space. As is the regular format, entrepreneurs have 54 hours to convert ideas into conceptual products. The final session saw 10 teams pitching and ultimately there were three winners. First place went to Infinit Closet, whom we talked to after the event.

Here are the top three at the event:

3rd place: Toilet Now helps you find the best toilet nearby.

2nd: Fluffi is a social network for pet lovers.

1st: Infinit Closet is a fashion-oriented social service for borrowing and lending clothes.

Maprang (2nd from left) and the Infinit Closet team. Click to enlarge.

We like the sound of the winning concept, and so our Thumbsup crew went to talk to one of the founders, Wichaya Sirasupparoekchai (Maprang), a woman who’s clearly got a feel for fashion. She explains that the rest of the team is made up of men: Chayanin Sripob (Poon), Pongpeera Chawalathawat (Art), and Songphon Buasathit (Tul).

First up, how do you feel as the prize winner?

Maprang: Everybody is very glad and proud of it. We utilized and adapted all the knowledge we learned, and all the experience we’ve ever faced. The most important thing we’ve learned from this event is teamwork, especially working within such a limited time like this. It needs a good working plan, and responsibilities being assigned with mutual trust by team members; because each one has his/her own different strengths and weaknesses.

Tell us about Infinit Closet.

Maprang: Infinit Closet is an online service, as a website and a mobile app, for users – particularly the ladies – to share their closets (clothing) with friends. This idea came from the very common problem for ladies who never feel satisfied with their own apparel, and prefer wearing something new all the time. But, at the same time, they do not wish to pay more to buy more. Therefore, they turn to borrow some clothes from their close friends instead. Infinit Closet jumps in to assist such borrowings among extended groups of women, and to make it easier.

What do you think convinced the Startup Weekend Bangkok judges?

Maprang: I think there might be three factors: The concept is clear with solutions to the targets; the business model is feasible; and our pitch was easily understood.

What’s next for your project?

Maprang: During this Startup Weekend event we had also tested this idea with several female friends, most of whom have shown interest – and now we are even more confident after winning the prize. For our next steps we will continue our marketing plan and refine the app technology because we feel there are still several things that need to be crystallized before taking any further action. There might be some additional features to fill the gaps that were kindly pointed out by the [judging] committee. We’re making progress right away, so please keep following!

The Infinit Closet team continues to participate in the Global Startup Battle too, so they’re going to be busy in the months ahead.

[Top photo from Hubba Thailand]

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