8 Startups in Asia That Caught Our Eye


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This week we covered yet more startups, with all the glee and grinning satisfaction of Mitt Romney firing people. Entrepreneurs, remember that you can submit your startup pitch to us, while everyone can send us news/tips here.

1. Fusing Photos and Voice, PaPa is the Perfect Social App (or Just Nonsense) | China

Aside from PaPa’s terrible name, it’s a clever app that fuses the best social elements of Path, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter/Weibo all into one. If that’s not enough, it also supports sending voice messages of up to 60 seconds in length.

2. This Reader App Thinks It Knows What You Want to Read | China

In contrast to many other apps that demand you add in lots of subscriptions or preferred sites – which can be quite laborious – Wumii Reader instead uses its own clever algorithm to offer up what it thinks you might want to read.

3. Food Recommendation App Mines Weibo Data For Restaurant Tips | China

Unlike some traditional food recommendation/listings services that are already on the market, this one is making good use of China’s largest microblogging site, Sina Weibo, to deliver better food tips to users.

4. TickTok: Save time, Queue Smart | Singapore

Launched in August this year, Ticktok contains real-time queue time information at more than 8,000 food and beverage establishments in Singapore.

5. Beepmo Updates, Introduces Discovery Feature to Make Business Networking Easier | Singapore

Beepmo has introduced a new “Discovery” feature which allows you to do better business networking and socializing while on-the-go.

6. Indonesian Lifestyle Portal Updaterus.com Talks About its Transformational Decision | Indonesia

Now the site has pivoted, ditching the news format and instead evolving into a mens’ lifestyle and self-improvement site. We interviewed Updaterus’ CEO (pictured) about this move – which he reckons is already paying off big-time.

7. Startup ‘Japan Healthcare Info’ Helps Keep Expats and Travelers Healthy | Japan

The Japan Healthcare Info service aims to be a comprehensive English-language guide to healthcare in Japan – and from what we can tell, it really delivers.

8. Clozette Partners With Female Daily Network, Launches Clozette Daily | Indonesia & Singapore

Clozette Daily is a fashion social network that’s a new joint venture between Indonesia’s Female Daily Network and Singapore’s Clozette.

Lots more awesome startups in here too:

That’s all the startup action for this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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