This Week in Asia Tech Startups: 7 That Caught Our Eye

Willis Wee
10:00 pm on Nov 27, 2011


As usual, we have quite a few Asian tech startups on our radar this week, from China, Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore.

For folks who are interested in investing or partnering with these startups, drop us an email — hello[at]penn-olson[dot]com – anytime. No promise, but we’ll try our best to be the bridge.

And if you’re a tech startup founder in Asia hoping to be featured, kindly send us your pitch here.

1. Teamie | Singapore

Teamie is a Singapore-based startup that aims to fuse social and learning into one. We haven’t seen or tested the product since it’s still under construction. Nonetheless the team at Teamie seems to have gained huge trust from an anonymous angel investor from India who has invested SGD $500,000 (approx. US$387 000) in Teamie’s idea, IWe learned.

2. Fresh Ideas Studio | China

A Beijing-based startup called Fresh Ideas Studio has just released perhaps the most good-looking local air quality app for iPhone and Android, called DirtyBeijing. But it could find itself getting into trouble, as it uses the stricter US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) index – not the one that’s mandated by the Chinese government. The Fresh Ideas app, free for iPhone and Android, gives Beijing smartphone-toters what’s called the ‘PM2.5’ read-out, which refers to a kind of especially small ‘particulate matter’ that’s less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter. Those are believed to …

3. Sribu | Indonesia was founded back in June by Ryan Gondokusumo and has quickly become one of the hottest startups around in Indonesia. It crowdsources designs almost for anything you can think of, from logos to t-shirt designs, brochures to calendars. We talked to its founder to learn more about Sribu…

4. Feecha | Singapore

Feecha is a mobile app, developed by The Chingchong Group, that mixes location, microblogging, and cute creatures into an app. Instead of seeing a stream of endless chatting and link shares, Feecha users will see status updates from their friends on a map. For updating statuses, Feecha allows pics, video, and links. Every update is also tied to a location.

5. Ku Yun Dong | China

The specialist Chinese B2C e-commerce site Ku Yun Dong – or, ‘Cool Sports’ in English – has wrapped up a round of series-B funding worth US$30 million. It has not been revealed which firms led the funding. This follows its first round back in September 2010 in which raised it $10 million from the Acquity Group.

6. Peepapp | Japan

There are millions of mobile apps out there and it is always a problem finding the very best. We can rely on iTunes’ list of best apps which usually includes the likes of Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, and Fruit Ninja. That’s not too helpful for someone who has been using iOS for a long time. We’re just sick of seeing the same old list. To tackle the problem, Tokyo-based Peepapp is offering a social solution to help you discover apps better. Peepapp smartly throws social into app search. Instead of …

7. LocalBrand | Indonesia

LocalBrand is an online mall that focuses on high-fashion clothing. There are lots of e-commerce sites in Indonesia, but what differentiates LocalBrand from the others is that it only sells authentic fashion items made in Indonesia. In recent years, a great many young and bright Indonesian designers emerged and entered the industry, trying to take sales away from the usual global luxury brands. Indonesia has lots of local fashion …

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