Sribu Receives Funding From East Ventures


Sribu's own explanation of how it works, hooking-up designers with clients., an Indonesia-oriented service for connecting web/graphic designers with clients, has just announced that it has received seed funding from East Ventures. We got this tip straight from the founder himself, Ryan Gondokusumo. It doesn’t really surprise me as Sribu has gained quite a lot of traction and has a clear business model.

Sribu helps designers who are doing freelance jobs to earn money by creating things like logos and layouts. It also helps companies, whether they’re startups or larger enterprises, to solve their design outsourcing needs. Plus, it boosts the design ecosystem in Indonesia with things like contests. So far, 60 competitions have been held on the site, with 7,000 creative designers taking part and more than IDR 120 million being won.

Although some people in the industry might think it’s a 99designs clone, Ryan has declined to comment on all that, and says that Sribu has adapted 99designs’ practice and localized it for Indonesia. With five people in the team, it has won the SparxUp Competition as the best user-generated content site.

East Ventures has not been slowing down at all. Sribu is the third new portfolio announced this year, and EV’s Willson has hinted at more startups getting funded down the road. Which is really good for the startup ecosystem in Indonesia. Congrats to Sribu from the PO team.

Disclosure: Joshua Kevin is an Associate for East Venture; also, Penn-Olson is an EV portfolio startup.

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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