Soundcloud blocked in China, but there’s a workaround UPDATED: it’s back!


UPDATE: As of Monday night, Soundcloud is no longer blocked.

We received tips last Friday that music and audio sharing website Soundcloud has been blocked in China. This is unfortunate news, but we have discovered a simple loophole, at least for now. If you want to access Soundhound without a VPN in China, simply use the mobile version (smartphones will default to this, anyway). You can do this by typing “” into your URL bar (no “www”). The formatting will be a little funny, but everything seems to function just fine.

Mobile version of Soundcloud on a desktop browser.

Mobile version of Soundcloud on a desktop browser.

Berlin-based Soundcloud started in 2007, and has become a sort of Youtube for music and audio. It’s a popular platform for posting, sharing, and listening to podcasts, which probably scares the Chinese government more than the music aspect of it. How many users Soundcloud has (or had) in China is unclear, but now that number will be severely curbed. Soundcloud is just the latest in a long list of websites and services censored in China, including many VPNs, most Western social networks, several news media and apps, and pretty much everything Google makes.

NOTE: Soundcloud players embedded on external websites seem to be unaffected.

We have contacted Soundcloud for comment and will update this article accordingly should they respond.

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