Sony Detects Hacking Attempt, Temporarily Locks Tens of Thousands of Accounts


Xperia Play at 2011 Tokyo Game Show

Xperia Play at 2011 Tokyo Game Show

Sony said in a blog post today saying that it had detected attempts to test ‘a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords’ on its SEN, PSN, and SOE services. Philip Reitinger, the company’s chief security officer, pointed out that less that a tenth of a percent of users may have been affected.

That number is still pretty high in our book, as approximately 93,000 attempted sign-ins were successful. Those accounts have been temporarily locked, and Sony is reviewing them for unauthorized access. It is also requiring secure password resets and notifying users via email if they are among those affected.

Sony assures in its statement that credit card numbers associated with those accounts are not at risk.

As readers undoubtedly recall, Sony’s Playstation Network was subject to a massive security breach back in April that affected approximately 77 million online accounts.

Today was not an especially good day for Sony, as it also had to recall 1.6 million Bravia TV sets because of a fire risk.

[Via Techcrunch]

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