A Song For Entrepreneurs in Singapore! [VIDEO]

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I like this video, and I’m blogging about it. It’s a video that paints the reality of being an entrepreneur in Singapore but in a humorous manner.

Kudos to Express in Music, Intraix, ToGather, Noir Et Blanc, and Syinc. Catch the video before reading on, folks:

(Mobile readers can watch it on YouTube here).

Fun, isn’t it? (And maybe that’s creativity for you, Woz!) I like it because it paints the truth in a light-hearted way. I reached out to the folks at Express in Music to find out more about the team’s purpose of producing this video. The reply from Express in Music’s co-founder, Jerry Chen, was pretty long and solid. He explained to me that entrepreneurship in media is often glamorized — I hope we’re not one of them — Thus, the video hopes to communicate the truth and hardship of being an entrepreneur. And yes, for the record, entrepreneurship isn’t at all sexy. And in case you’re wondering, Jerry says that this video wasn’t at all a promo stunt.

More thoughts from Jerry, in his own words:

Being an entrepreneur in the Singapore startup environment, I often hear lots of “complaints” and “feedback” from fellow Asian entrepreneurs. There’s often something that lacks in our Startup scene…and that is collaboration. The willingness to partner and grow together. I believe in the physics formula: Force = Mass X Acceleration. We may be small but when we come together, our forces can create big impact. That is why I brought in fellow entrepreneurs for this music video.

Okay, perhaps some trolls might think that this video is just some childish or fruitless act. But hey, it’s a good step forward to create something fun and meaningful collaboratively between startups. It’s a good message after all. Hopefully budding entrepreneurs can actually think twice before taking the bold step forward to build a startup. Sometimes, climbing the corporate ladder could be fun and rewarding too.

And if i may add, this is Asia – so what happens in the Valley is very much a mirage for most startups in Asia. Don’t get bewildered by the magical Silicon Valley effect.

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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