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Softbank Rolls out New Winter Smartphone Line Up

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
9:20 am on Oct 10, 2012

Aquos Phone Xx (photo: blog.goo.ne.jp)

Aquos Phone Xx (photo: blog.goo.ne.jp)

At an event in Tokyo yesterday, Softbank (TSE:9984) announced its 2012 Winter / 2013 Spring smartphone line up. This was a chance for the company to show off its selection of ‘not-iPhones,’ including its new Aquos Phone Xx from Sharp, the Arrows A 201F from Fujitsu, and the Motorola Razr M. All the phones in its new line up (pdf) are compatible with its LTE network.

The most notable new handset is the Aquos Phone Xx which will run on Android 4.1, and is powered by a 1.5 GHz quad core processor. It has a large 4.9 inch display, and a hefty 16.3 megapixel camera as well. Unfortunately, this won’t be going on sale until March of 2013, and there’s no word on price just yet either.

If you’d like to watch Softbank’s press conference in its entirety, it can be streamed here.

As of September, Softbank has surpassed the 30 million subscribers milestone, or about 34 million if you include the newly acquired eMobile. It still sits behind Japan’s leading carrier NTT Docomo (over 60 million) and KDDI’s au (almost 36 million).

[Softbank, via blog.goo.ne.jp]

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