Social Networks in the East and the West [INFOGRAPHIC]


Above is a gorgeous-looking world map of social network designed by RiaNovosti. What captured your attention? Besides Facebook’s 600 million strong users, many are probably curious what Qzone is. Here’s the answer: Qzone is a social networking site formed by Chinese Internet giant, Tencent. It isn’t clear how the 480 million figure came about but from what I understand, there are more than 600 million QQ instant-messaging users. The 600 million user base was reported by Tencent about 6 months ago. It’s probably more now.

Using the same QQ account, users are able to log on to Qzone too. Tencent’s system is similar to Google’s whereby one account can lead a user to plenty of services such as music, email, games and ecommerce. With that in mind, 480 million user base for Qzone seems fair and attainable.

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