Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
10:38 pm on Apr 10, 2011

Cliche but true: Social media is changing the way we communicate. From the layman users to businesses, almost everyone is part of the online social ecosystem. Now, the education industry seems to be picking pace as things are getting social in schools and universities.

Lectures in the form of online videos and podcasts are getting common nowadays. So as using Skype, Twitter and Facebook as a platform to discuss and share classroom materials. Universities are also receiving YouTube video “pitches” from potential students as substitutes for traditional college essays, according to Course Hero’s infographic (below).

The Web is facilitating the future of learning. In fact, countries like India and Singapore are taking initiatives to introduce tablet technology as an educational tool in rural india.

In Singapore Management University (SMU), a collaborative online wiki is used to help students learn through peer learning, interviews and web research. The wiki has been on for several years now and the content gets richer and up-to-date. We previously featured the students’ work (Indonesia wiki page) which attracted some companies’ attention.

This infographic will tell you more on how social medial is changing the education industry:

  • Cathy123

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  • josephalex

    3) I am reminded of Social Media Week that took place in London a year before and it was remarkable. Heard it’s happening in Mumbai this time. It is a brilliant opportunity to help talented people like you to showcase it at its best. For more details follow the link

  • Dominic

    Just saw a comment about Social Media Week ! Even i was a part of that event that happened in New York last time, such an amazing event and got a lot to learn also from that event ! Can’t wait for the one happening this time in Mumbai ! if you guys are interested please follow the link and have a look at what Social Media Week is all about. What are you waiting for ?

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