Social Games and Gaming Trends in Japan (Slideshare Presentation)


dena-gree-social-gaming-japanWhen Dr. Serkan Toto says something about Japan’s social gaming scene, we tend to listen, because he’s an expert with years of experience tracking the industry. If you’re interested in social gaming in Japan, you should be listening too, but just in case you’re not or in case you’re looking for a great, all-encompassing overview of Japanese social gaming’s status quo as well as some analysis of what’s trending and where (literally and figuratively) Japanese social games are going, we felt the need to share the deck of slides he posted to his blog yesterday. It’s very enlightening, and since it comes from a presentation given to investors, it doesn’t even require any specialized knowledge of the gaming industry.

You can check out more of Dr. Serkan Toto’s slideshare presentations here, or check out his blog here if you’re not reading it already. Or you can read some of his posts or posts about him right here on Tech in Asia. Also relevant if you’re interested in Japan’s social gaming scene is our own Rick Martin’s excellent and very thorough review of Japan’s mobile social gaming in 2012.

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