Singapore’s First NDP Live Streaming


Considering this is the first time Singapore broadcasted its National Day Parade (NDP) through online streaming, the process was acceptably “smooth” for me.

(Well, maybe not so smooth for folks with low connection speed.)

And as promised, viewers were able to act like a director and view the show at their preferred angle. Best of all, there wasn’t a need to switch channels since it was commercial free.

Other than that, it really left much room for improvement. Switching to a different camera view took enough time to potentially bore me away. The whole streaming also slowed down my computer and made it painstakingly hard to multi-task.

Chatting via a Facebook chatbox was refreshing but wasn’t all that fun after I realized that no one was actually making sense. It was flooded with random shout outs, which content I wouldn’t even bother to share. As you can see below, the quality of the streaming should really be boosted up next year.

Some Screenshots

NDP overview

Live content. Just in case you didn’t know some national facts.

NDP live content

Survey. Call it innovative or annoying.

ndp survey

Excited Crowd

ndp excited

Flag Barriers

ndp colors

This was when the national anthem played

ndp anthem

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