A Visualization of Singaporeans Living Abroad



Singapore has a tiny population (just about five million) but we do have quite a number of people working or studying abroad.

WhereAreWe.sg is a website that maps out where overseas Singaporeans are on the world map. So if you’re a Singaporean living abroad, head over to pin yourself on the map. WhereAreWe.sg allows folks to visually find Singaporeans based on geographical locations. It also allows users to search for Singaporeans based on their industry.

That’s about it for the website. But it’s fun to see such a casual and fun project from the Singapore government. This site is developed by Yolk for the Singapore Economic Development Board Contact Singapore, and is worth exploring over the weekend. Who knows, you might just be able to find some Singaporeans who reside around your city. On a final note, it’s kinda awkward to see so many people apparently tagged in Greenland – which I strongly believe isn’t the case – but it might well be a website bug as it appears to mis-classify all those Greenlanders as being a part of “Western Europe.”

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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