As iOS Usage Drops in Singapore, These Are the Top 10 Android Smartphones in the Country


With the iPhone losing a big chunk of eye-time in Singapore recently – dropping from 72 percent to 50 percent share of web traffic browsing in the country throughout 2o12 – it’s a good time to see which Android smartphones are proving popular. The game developer Animoca has taken note of all the Singaporean Android fans using its games and come up with a top ten list (see below).

As with recent stats from Animoca for its native Hong Kong, the smartphone landscape in Singapore is dominated by Samsung. The top five Android phones observed in Singapore are all Samsung models, with the lead four all being big-screen models. It’s not a total whitewash, as Sony and HTC get a look-in as well. Here’s the top ten in full:

Top Android phones in Singapore

Ranking Android phone Market share (%)
1st Samsung Galaxy S2 20.6
2nd Samsung Galaxy S3 16.1
3rd Samsung Galaxy Note 1 10.1
4th Samsung Galaxy Note 2 7.8
5th Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.8
6th Sony Xperia Arc S 2.5
7th Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 2.4
8th Sony Xperia Arc 2.3
9th HTC Wildfire 1.4
10th HTC Desire S 1


Good news for all app developers is that this mature market is keen on the latest software as well, with versions of Android 4.0 and 4.1 on 52.8 percent of all those phones. But there are still plenty of older – or budget – phones in use, with 16.5 percent of Singaporeans on Android 2.3.6. However, Hong Kongers are more on the cutting edge, where 58 percent are rocking Android 4.0+.

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