Singapore to host offline Hearthstone tournament two weeks from now


Singapore-based Tough Cookie TV, Hearthstone Alley and Epic Gaming TV are teaming up to bring players an offline Hearthstone tournament on Sunday, February 16, 2014.

The 32-man tournament is accepting online registrations on a first come first serve basis and will run best-of-3 double elimination brackets. The entry fee will cost $10 and will have to be paid at the venue, Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe, on tournament day itself.

This offline Hearthstone tournament is sponsored by Razer, and the top three winners will take home a piece of Razer gear each, along with a share of the pot.

Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe has been known as a hotspot for fighting games as well as for an insular community built up and around fighting games and a minority of individuals from other console communities in Singapore. Hopefully its branching out into Hearthstone tournaments will be able to help the existing Hearthstone community grow, rather than absorb it into a stagnant social group.


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