Dell and Intel Start Number Crunching, Open Big Data Innovation Center in Singapore


Dell and Intel, Big Data Innovation Center in Singapore

Singapore has long been an Asian hub for data centers, but now the next big data-driven industry – aptly called ‘big data’ – could see Singapore become a center for number crunching and analytics. The latest boost to this burgeoning industry in Singapore comes from Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) and Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), which are today officially throwing open the doors to their Big Data Innovation Center in the island nation.

Launched by Dell and Intel with Revolution Analytics, the new facility is located at the Dell Solution Center (DSC) in Jurong East. The Big Data Innovation Center makes use of Dell’s computing horsepower, and is effectively open to the public – well, small- and medium-sized businesses – for various training classes and workshops that will help companies learn about using big data processes to better understand their data and draw useful conclusions and strategies from it.

Along with all that, Dell and Intel’s Big Data Innovation Center is also a platform for companies to plug in their own data and let Dell churn it up and spit out analytics. And you don’t have to even drop into the DSC, as Dell will let customers connect to the stack via a secure virtual private network.

Research firm IDC expects corporate spending on big data to hit $603 million in 2013 in Asia-Pacific (but excluding Japan), up more than 40 percent from 2012’s spending.

Dell and Intel, Big Data Innovation Center in Singapore

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