Japan’s Shiseido Set to Begin E-Commerce in China



Shiseido model Zhou Xun

Earlier this year we reported on how cosmetics giant Shiseido was opening its online mall in Japan. Aptly named ‘Beauty Platform,’ the venture was planned to extend e-commerce activities to the US and China as well.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that Shiseido will begin e-commerce services in China starting today. It plans to launch a site for new products called Pure & Mild Soi, which are “developed specifically for the Chinese mail-order market.”

Normally we wouldn’t be especially interested in the activities of a cosmetics maker, but the company is making a pretty bold move going it alone, rather than opting for an official store with Rakuten/Baidu or a shopfront on a Taobao TMall. Given the built-in audience that those platforms already have, it seems like a logical choice for a foreign brand.

But although Shiseido is technically foreign, it is far from unknown in China. This year marked the company’s 30th year in the country dating all the way back to 1981. The anniversary was commemorated with a special website for its ‘Future Beauty Project’ shiseidochina30th.com.cn, and called for applications for future models, hair or make up artists. Regrettably, I’ve missed the deadline…

You can see the promo video from earlier this summer below.

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