Serkan Toto Demystifies Japanese Social Gaming



GREE girl at 2011 Tokyo Game Show

When discussing technology in Japan, there is perhaps no ‘bridge blogger’ as prolific as Serkan Toto, who in addition to blogging over on TechCrunch, has his own very informative blog devoted to the Japanese web, with a focus on mobile and social gaming.

Serkan brings a lot of news about mobile and social gaming in Japan across the language barrier, and we were pleased today when he alerted us to a new presentation that he’s put together on the country’s social gaming market. We’ve tried our best to highlight what companies like GREE (TYO:3632) [1] and DeNA (TYO:2432) — and today Gumi — are doing in Japan and abroad, and Serkan’s slideshow is certainly a good overview of what’s happening in that scene.

Among the most notable points that he touches on here are the special genres of games that are popular in Japan as opposed to elsewhere, as well as the ‘internationalization’ of both GREE and DeNA, which we’ve tried to cover as well. To stay up to date on Serkan’s work in the future, you can follow him on Twitter at @serkantoto.

  1. For more on GREE, check out our interview with senior vice president of media business development, Taisei Yoshida, or explore our recent GREE infographic. We have one in the works for DeNA as well, so stayed tuned for that!  ↩

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