Samsung Galaxy S5 joins new smartwatches and fitness tracker in today’s global launch


Samsung Galaxy S5 launch

It feels like ages since the Samsung Galaxy S5 was revealed (it was nearly seven weeks ago), but now the phone is finally going on sale. Samsung (005930:KS) announced this morning that the phone is now on sale “in 125 countries in Europe, Middle East, North America, Latin America, and most of Asia.”

It’s not just Samsung’s newest flagship phone that’s debuting today – the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches and the Samsung Gear Fit are hitting the same markets right now.

Samsung is under a lot of pressure these days from newer phone-makers who are making strongly specced phones with smaller price-tags – like Xiaomi in China, and Micromax in India.

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S5 review round-up

Is the Galaxy S5 for you? Here’s a review round-up:

  • The Next Web’s review – “I really like what Samsung has done. It’s finally refined things and made the experience less grating. It’s built a phone with a beautiful display, added some fairly compelling features and built a fantastic, almost perfect camera for Android.”

  • Android Authority’s review – “The good news is the Galaxy S5 is an honest phone, and if you are swayed by its charms now, you’ll likely have a good time using it for a long time.”

  • Mashable’s review – “The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a well-performing smartphone, but its standout features ultimately don’t add up to much.” The review adds that it’s a “boring” phone, and an “upgrade you can skip.”

  • AnandTech’s review – “Samsung got it almost perfect with the GS5. With a metal body, a rear facing camera with larger pixels (perhaps with some tweaks to camera output processing), a better NAND controller, and stereo front facing speakers, the GS5 would probably be perfect.”

(Via: The Next Web)

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