Salarium helps Philippine businesses to automate their payroll


Managing payroll may be one of the most daunting tasks a business has to face. This is most especially true for businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees. Philippine-based Salarium is trying to address this issue with its launch of Salarium Payroll, the first module of the Salarium enterprise platform.

Salarium helps businesses improve efficiency and accuracy by letting its cloud-based software do payroll processing, government form processing and payslip generation. The very moment a business purchases the software, it can automatically start using the service.

Self-service payroll

Salarium CEO Judah Hirsch says it  help businesses automate the majority of human resources’ functions when it comes to payroll calculation, time and attendance, expense filing, leaves, loans, and overtime. He adds:

[It] provides employees with a self-service portal for the majority of all payroll-related queries and tasks. HR departments around the world no longer have the time nor manpower for tasks which can be automated. Today’s HR department must focus the majority of its time on recruitment, retention, and performance monitoring as the amount of talent is not keeping pace with the demand for skilled employees.

Hirsch states that his past professional experiences led him to create Salarium. He previously managed a call center with around 1,000 employees and an accounting outsourcing firm that focuses on payroll outsourcing. He adds:

After several years in the market we saw a need for a robust holistic payroll solution to continue to grow and serve our clients. Upon looking in the market I saw a lack of such a system, so in January 2013 I founded Salarium with the goal of developing leading enterprise solutions for all sized businesses.

Salarium charges $4 per month for businesses with a maximum of 300 users, and $6 per month for businesses with maximum of 10,000 users. It also provides a free-to-use software solution for businesses with five or fewer users.

100,000 users soon?

Salarium started its beta version in 2013 and currently has around 3,500 clients, the majority of which are in business process outsourcing. But Hirsch adds that his startup also has clients in at least 15 different industries as well. Salarium has three channel partners in the Philippines, too, that help increase its domestic client base.

Following its official launch, Salarium will soon release its mobile optimized site next month. A mobile app is also set to be released in March.

Following the launch, Salarium aims to have around 100,000 users both in the Philippines and abroad after its first year. In addition to payroll, it’s also set out to release an HR management system and purchasing platform for businesses.

Salarium Payroll will compete with PayrollHero, another payroll and time and attendance service in the Philippines.

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