Rumor: Tencent considering investment in Capcom

C. Custer
C. Custer
5:06 am on Apr 9, 2014

China’s Tencent has its hand in all sorts of different businesses, and it’s no stranger to investment in overseas game developers. But could the Chinese company be headed towards investment in one of Japan’s biggest gaming giants? That’s what rumors in the Chinese press are saying, with reports claiming that Capcom is considering accepting investment from the Chinese company.

There are no details available on what sort of investment the companies are looking at, and it’s quite possible this is all just a rumor. Still, Tencent has made several major investments in overseas game companies including Riot Games and Epic Games over the past few years, and it has also partnered with Capcom to operate the Japanese company’s games—like Monster Hunter Online—in China. The idea of a deeper partnership of some kind between the two being under consideration is certainly plausible.

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We have contacted Tencent for comment on these rumors and will update this story if the company responds.

(via 17173, thanks to reader Fares for the heads up)

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