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Rocket Internet’s Chinese Airbnb Clone Closes

Steven Millward
Steven Millward
12:48 pm on Jul 11, 2013

In an entirely unsurprising move, Rocket Internet’s Airbnb clone for China, Airizu, has closed. The Airizu URL now redirects to Wimdu.cn, another vacation home rental site run by Rocket that operates in over 40 countries.

Airizu launched exclusively in China in early 2011, but a few months ago rumors swirled that 80 percent of the Arizu team had been laid off.

Wimdu China

This is supposedly the Wimdu Chinese site – but it’s mostly in English. Click to enlarge.

Rocket Internet now has only two of its many startups operating in China – Wimdu and the multi-country subscription e-commerce service Glossybox. No more China-only sites from Rocket.

But Wimdu.cn (pictured) doesn’t look too promising. Even with the language settings changed to Chinese, the site is mostly in English and it doesn’t accept any Chinese bank cards (or something like Alipay) for payments. So Wimdu’s only chance is with wealthier Chinese users who are pretty fluent in English, and it could perhaps find a niche due to its large selection of overseas holiday home rentals.

But China’s top short-term rentals site Tujia also has a large selection of overseas properties thanks to its tie-up with investor HomeAway. Other China-only startups in this holiday rental space include Mayi and Xiaozhu.

(Source: Sina Tech (article in Chinese); via Technode)

(Editing by Enricko Lukman)

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  • MBA

    Rocket Internet’s modus operani of hiring foreigner MBAs to run these Chinese operations is just plain stupid. The MBAs don’t know a thing about the local market, don’t know a thing about the business and they run the company to the ground. What is even better is that after such fiascos, these foreigner MBAs leave the company and the country and go on to other countries with their now-former Rocket Internet branding and leverage that into something lucrative. Just watch, no one is so stupid anymore to keep hiring these fired MBAs.