Regulation for Indonesian Incubators Will be Finalized This Month

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Indonesia’s Kontan reports today that regulations covering the development of startup incubators and any SMEs – yes, including tech startups – is going to be finalized this month. I Wayan Dipta, a representative of the Indonesian ministry of cooperatives and SMEs, said that the regulation will be able to clarify and legitimize the parties who are involved in the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

There are not many details surrounding the upcoming regulation, but Dipta said there will also be various academics from universities in Indonesia involved in the development and monitoring of tech incubators. If the regulation is passed into law, then related Indonesian ministries will have more accountability for such incubators in Indonesia. Indonesian coordinating economic minister Hatta Rajasa said in December via PortalKBR that the government promises easier access to funding through the regulation

The Indonesian chamber of commerce and industry (Kadin) hopes that the regulation can be an an effective tool for Indonesian SMEs to battle it out in the ASEAN Free Trade Area that’s coming in 2015. But entrepreneurs and incubator managers might well be worried that the law involves more red tape for them.

Who will be managing the Indonesian incubators?

If this goes through, then Indonesian incubators like the Jakarta Founders Institute, Ideosource, Grupara, and Project Eden will have someone to answer to. While there hasn’t been any mention of which ministries they’re going to have to answer to, I think the ICT ministry or the tourism and creative economy department are the likely ones. I hope the latter will have a bigger role in it though, because minister Mari Elka Pangestu might be the one Indonesian minister who understands the local startup industry best after immersing herself in the nation’s startup industry since her appointment in 2011.

The minister awarded several Indonesian startups and entrepreneurs in November and asked for their help to further grow the Indonesian entrepreneurship ecosystem through mentorship. She also took part in several discussion panels involving tech startups over the past few months. Mari Elka Pangestu was also mentioned by Indonesian tech entrepreneur Aulia Halimatussadiah as being an inspiration to her during her interview with us recently.

(Source: Kontan via DailySocial)

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