Puzzle and Dragons’ Godfest extended to 72 hours


Puzzle and Dragons has hosted a number of Godfests over the past few months, but none of them as epic as what this New Year’s one promises to be.

Puzzle and Dragons, or Pazu Dora as it is referred to in Japan, is an epic mix of puzzles and dungeon crawling for iOS and Android devices by GungHo Online. The game has been a huge hit across the globe and continually ranks in the top grossing games week after week in the Japan Apple Store. For a free game, Pazu Dora is doing pretty darn good.

The game allows you to collect and train monsters for you to battle with in dungeons. In the dungeons the battle system is controlled by puzzles where you try to match elements. As you play you will be occasionally rewarded with magical stones that can then be used to obtain monsters. It is here where you can get lucky and get a rare monster to boost your team’s strength, or one of the more common throw away monsters.

During events called Godfest though, your chances for collecting rare monsters are significantly increased, which means people tend to stockpile their magical stones for these times. Typically Godfests only last for 48 hours, but GungHo wants to ring in the New Year with style and has announced that this Godfest will stretch on for an additional 24 hours.

The New Year’s Godfest will start as soon as the ball drops at midnight on January 1, 2014 and will run through to January 3, 2014. The event will be held all across the globe so make sure you have plenty of magical stones saved up, or at the very least money to buy more.

Oh and if you haven’t been playing Pazu Dora now is the perfect time to start. You might get lucky at the Godfest, not to mention the game is giving away lots of free stuff up until January 7, 2014. The game is available in both English and Japanese is free to download from your country’s Apple Store or Google Play.

Best of luck at the Godfest!

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