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PICS: What Happens If Google Rules The World?

Willis Wee
Willis Wee
1:09 am on Dec 10, 2009

googleGoogle currently dominates search advertising and is also claiming slices of the pie in the lucrative mobile, smartphone and operating system industries.

Of course, there are companies that are competing head on with Google but what if none of them are able to stop the Google juggernaut?

The pictures below give us a glimpse of what a Googlified world would look like. Even if you have seen some of them, it is still worth taking another look. Just for fun and inspiration.

1. Google Air

google air

2. Google Audi

google audi

3. Google Cash

google cash

4. Google Coin

google coin

5. Google Hollywood

Google Hollywood

6. Google Mail

google mail

7. Google

google monopoly

8. Google PlayStation

google playstation

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