Photos of Xiaomi’s Set-Top Box in Action


Xiaomi’s set-top box is coming soon, and that means that after a long wait, we’re finally starting to see some of them out in the real world. The folks at Sohu Digital got their hands on one and were kind enough to share a bunch of photos that demonstrate the device’s capabilities. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Here’s what the thing looks like plugged in in front of a big HDTV.

A closer shot of the plugged-in Xiaomi TV.

A selection of streaming movie options from iCN TV, including Painted Skin 2 and some older films.

A close-up of the screen during HD streaming from the web. Not bad!

You can also connect a USB thumb drive to the Xiaomi TV box, and even stream content to other devices locally via DLNA.

Setting up local streaming for a dubious digital copy of Django Unchained. Looks like the Xiaomi TV could be a nice way to play pirated films, too.

The settings menu.

There’s not really much here we didn’t already know about, but it’s still interesting to see the box finally in action in the wild. Does this look like the sort of thing you’d buy?

(Sohu Digital via TechWeb)

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