Philippines: national eSports tournament opens doors for StarCraft II players


Filipino Starcraft II players will be given the opportunity to bring their A-game as the Philippine eSports Organization (PESO) offers free registration on its latest, but still undated, online-only StarCraft II National Xtreme Tournament (NEXT).

NEXT’s StarCraft II division aims to get the best of the best players in Southern and Northern Philippine. Participants will need to win best-of-3, single elimination matches to progress. The top three players from the north and the south will then move on to battle it out in their corresponding regions, alongside invited players Enderr for the North and Chu for the South.

Prior to the announcement, PESO had been known only to host national online Dota 2 tournaments. The NEXT tournament has given Dota 2 players the opportunity to compete on a national level, and it aims to bring that kind of competitive gameplay to the Philippine StarCraft II scene.

According to PESO executive director, Tryke Gutierrez, “PESO is proud to announce that [it] will be doing [its] best to deliver the best competitive online environment possible to StarCraft II players similar to what we have done for our Dota 2 division.”

The finals will be a best-of-7 match where the winner will be crowned the best StarCraft II player in the country and walk away with PC peripherals.

(Cover Pic: PESO)

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