Philippines: college freshmen to enjoy promotions at Mineski cybercafes nationwide


For the Philippines, June doesn’t only mark the start of the rainy day season, but also the start of the school year. With this in mind, Mineski is giving a special treat to college freshmen to help drive away school-reopening blues!

Together with Nvidia and Mavshack, Mineski is offering a month-long freshmen-only promo at all Mineski cybercafes, which includes free six hours game time, a Mineski baller band, and a Mavshack promo code.

Players can also try out Nvidia Shadow Play at selected cyber cafe branches. This Nvidia Geforce feature allows recording of gameplay footage through Nvidia-branded GPUs.

(See: Nvidia graphic cards can actually natively record gameplay)

The promo will run up to July 14 in all Mineski Infinity, Mineski Portal, and Mineski Grounds outlets. Players will be required to show documents such as their registration form or approved certificate of enrollment to verify that they are indeed a college freshman.

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