White House Petition Calls for Architects of China’s Great Firewall be Denied Entry to the US

Steven Millward
12:59 pm on Jan 27, 2013

China's Great Firewall

A user-submitted petition has gone up on the White House website that calls for the chief architects of China’s censorious Great Firewall to be “denied entry to the US.” If the petition reaches 95,160 signatures by February 23rd, then the White House will, under this new suggestions scheme open to US residents, be obliged to comment and perhaps take action. So far, this appeal to block the GFW builders from US soil has garnered 4,840 signees.

The petition comes with a link to a list of three individuals who were instrumental in China’s complex system of web censorship. Top of the list is Fang Bingxing, who is thought to have begun work on the GFW at the behest of authorities in 2000. Initially only blocking smaller dissident websites, the web filtering system was taking down major sites like YouTube by 2007. In 2011, Fang, a PhD in computer science, was the victim of a George Bush-style shoe attack that, according to the pranksters involved, was “on target.”

White House petition on China's Great Firewall

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In full, the petition reads:

People work on information technology always need to communicate and exchange knowledges between countries. If some of them use their skills and technology for blocking people to use internet for certain governments, all the other countries should boycott such behavior.

If they apply to enter US, for example to attendant technology conference, as a responsible government has always valued freedom, it reasonable to deny it.

The list of GFW suspects is up on Gitgub, the social coding site that was briefly blocked by the GFW last week, only to be mysteriously made accessible again a few days later.

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(Hat-tip to @majunspace for spotting this on Twitter)

  • gregorylent

    china replies, banning travel to china of architects of SOPA

  • Spooks de Nimes

    “If some of them use their skills and technology for blocking people to use internet for certain governments, all the other countries should boycott such behavior.”

    Apparently those people never heard of SOPA, PIPA, ISP-Blocking, Patriot Act, and so on.

  • Peter Chuang

    Dear US of A: the petition should say the same about you. SOPA PIPA patriot act are the same. The only difference is its name only.

  • George Abney

    Concept “equality” does not include proviso: Some more equal than others.
    Best control of nukes is no nukes for ANYONE….
    Best control of abuse by restriction of access is… NO ONE GETS ACCESS, or
    everyone gets access.

    The rule of control of intellectual property by the creator applies in a restricted sense that must
    face re-definition at some point when technology becomes universal necessity.

  • http://peterburk.dyndns.org Peter B

    If I remember correctly, the Great Firewall is using CISCO routers. Therefore the real architects are already in the US.

    Although I dislike censorship, internet blocks, and any such restrictions online – there is one thing I do appreciate about the Golden Shield Project.

    Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype effectively hold a monopoly on social networks in the rest of the world. There are small regional ones (e.g. Zing Me, Kakaotalk, etc), but basically those are the Big Four.

    Baidu, Renren, Weibo, and QQ have a similar number of users, and offer fair competition. Why? Because the four mentioned above are blocked in China. Without the competition, would we have such creative insight as WebQQ? http://web.qq.com

    It’s a bit ironic that censorship and regulation actually led to a more free market, but that is what it looks like to me.

  • http://www.tinturtle.com Jeff G.

    The continued use/growth of Weibo, Youku etc is not a function of free markets. It is yet another inferior product being foisted on the Chinese under the umbrella of the nanny state.

  • http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/ Tony

    PIPA, SOPA, ACTA, Aaron Swartz… Mind your own business America – you nosy hypocrites.

    Get your own house in order first. Half of the reason China blocks the Internet is because the US is openly and admittedly spending millions to subvert political stability there with online propaganda.

    Two sides to every story – and when you really think about it – censorship and draconian control may be more subtle in the US, but is just as rampant. You expect the government that worked hand-in-hand with the MPAA and the RIAA to restrict Internet freedom in America, and who hounded an American activist literally to death to have any genuine concern about freedom in China? Or to further their own agenda under the guise of “promoting freedom” – er, sort of like all that “freedom” we were spreading around in Iraq.

    When are people going to match their genuine good intentions with a little common sense and realize they are being duped to support the exact opposite of what they think they stand for?

  • Mberka

    It looks like pro-Chinese trolls are watching: so many references to the same US laws and treaties.
    1. SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA have all been blocked because the US and EU governments eventually responded to public opinion.
    2. While the Patriot Act gives the US government many questionable powers, it does not block websites. Americans can surf anti-American websites all day.

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