Philippines Startup Wants to be Your Company’s Payroll Hero



Philippines-based Payroll Hero pitched at our Startup Arena Jakarta competition this afternoon, aiming to ‘optimize work productivity with happiness.’ Steve Jagger and Mike Stephenson previously operated Combustion Hosting and Outsourcing Things Done, and brought this new idea to Startup Asia.

They outlined a number of troublesome employees (ghost employees, time stealers, time wasters, and buddy punchers) who cause trouble for companies by not being at work when they should.

Their solution is built for web and mobile and uses the employee’s face for biometric authentication to make sure they are in their proper place. The service can work on an iPhone, iPad, or any computer with a web cam.

They plan to enter beta in August and they hope to have 100,000 employees on the system by the end of 2012, and are targeting a million in one year. For revenue, they aim to charge a small fee per employee, like a dollar per employee, for example.

Judge Benjamin Joffe asked how they plan to displace existing payroll solutions out there. The startup noted that this is exactly why they are here in Asia where there is no single entrenched solution, so they are hoping to pick up momentum in Asia.

If you’d like to find out more, you can sign up to be a beta user on their website.

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