PayPal eyes Asia’s small businesses with launch of new mobile e-store service

Steven Millward
2:46 pm on Jan 16, 2014

Global online payments giant PayPal has its eye on Asia’s small businesses with the launch of a new mobile e-store service called The name is short for ‘mobile built-in payments’.

PayPal’s parent company eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) explains in a blog post (hat-tip to Digital Journal for spotting it) that [1] is a plug-in for mobile websites that makes online shopping pages and shopping carts look a lot better, much more mobile friendly, and easier to customize. Paypal gives this contrast as an example of the same shop after using

PayPal eyes Asia’s small businesses with launch of new mobile e-store service

In addition, PayPal says that is easier and safer – for both customers and e-commerce merchants – than proprietary mobile shopping plug-ins, which are often ugly, unwieldy, and lead to a lot of shoppers abandoning their purchase and going to a more well-known shopping site instead. Paypal claims that a site that’s well optimized for mobile will see double the rate of mobile commerce growth than a site that’s hard to navigate on a phone.

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The Digital Journal team points out that was developed by Vertical Solutions, a development firm in Singapore.

The new costs nothing extra for online merchants that already support payment via Paypal.

(Editing by Paul Bischoff)

  1. Someone else owns the MobiPay name, so we’ll have to stick with PayPal’s stupid spelling.  ↩

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