Opera Reveals Mobile Market Facts and Figures for China, India, and Indonesia [INFOGRAPHIC]


Update: Note that the infographic has an error in it. The date for Opera in China to hit one million users should be February 2009 while India’s should be March 2008.

Opera, the maker of the popular and web and mobile browser, has shared some interesting statistics with us. Asia is pretty big so we took the liberty of focusing on three key countries/markets: China, India, and Indonesia. Opera has had presence in these markets before mobile internet was a big thing, and since 2008, it has at least a million users in each nation (regrettably, we don’t know the exact user total).

The following infographic, designed by Piktochart, details popular sites accessed via Opera browsers and we’re pleasantly surprised that Mobile9, a startup based in Malaysia, was listed as number eight in India. As you might expect, each country’s list has its fair share of local sites. Google has a dominant showing as well, ranking within the top three for China, India, and Indonesia.

As far as the mobile internet is concerned, Nokia is still the top brand. Sony Ericsson and Samsung are the only non-Nokia phones within that particular section. Note that the stats and figures in the infographic may or may not be an accurate representation of these markets as a whole, but the numbers obtained from Opera users certainly are interesting!

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