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Opera Presents The State of Android in India (INFOGRAPHIC)

Willis Wee
Willis Wee
8:38 pm on Apr 30, 2013

With India as Opera Mini’s largest user base in the world, Opera Software has some very interesting things to share about the state of Android in India. Note that the data presents the state of Android in India based on Opera Mini users’ data and may not necessarily be true across the nation. The infographic below captures everything nicely. But here are some key points for the busy ones.

  • 21.7% of all data used by Opera Mini’s Android users is for Facebook

  • Each of the top-10 Android devices cost less than Rs. 10,000 ($185)

  • The typical Android Opera Mini users are male, between 18 to 24 years of age and live in urban areas

  • Top 10 Android phones in India are a Samsung. Exception: the HTC Explorer which ranks at number eight

  • Most Opera Mini Android users consume news (28 percent) followed by surfing e-commerce sites (17 percent)

In case you’re interested, the full report can be found on Opera’s report page.


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