Poll Suggests Chinese Have More Fun Online


A new poll from Ipsos Global Public Affairs [1] surveyed internet users in 24 countries to find out how people in each country entertain themselves online. The results are interesting as far as the Asian nations of China and Japan are concerned.

When it comes to watching movies and television online, China tops all surveyed countries with 71 percent saying that they download or stream movies, and 55 percent saying they downloaded or streamed television in the past three months. This contrasts greatly with Japan where only nine percent answered that they downloads/streams movies and television (see charts below).

Similarly, China has a big appetite for downloading and/or streaming music (72 percent), while Japan and France polled the lowest at 24 percent. As for online gaming, China was again the leader with 61 percent. Japan and South Korea polled at 18 and 16 percent respectively.

What does this say about China? Well, despite the restrictions of censorship and the Great Firewall, it’s good to see that users in China are having fun. How much of that fun is legal, well, that’s a different story.

For Japan, despite its high-tech reputation has shown that (as a whole) it can be slow in adopting new technologies. Even the younger under–35 segment polled low for Japan in this study, (downloaded movies, 12 percent; TV, 15 percent; music 35 percent). The laws, or rather the enforcement of laws, differ greatly in both countries, and if I were a guessing man, I’d say that’s a big factor in these poll results.

  1. The poll was conducted by Ipsos for Reuters, and you can find it here. Note the download links on the right if you’d like to access all the polling data and their summary presentation.  ↩

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