Nokia and Jiepang Team-Up for NFC Check-In Trials Across China

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A Nokia 701 shown making a check-in on using one of its NFC posters.

Chinese location-based service Jiepang is once again teaming up with Nokia to bring NFC-enabled check-ins to venues across China.

When we spoke to Jiepang CEO and co-founder David Liu back in June, he told us that a second-round of in-the-field NFC trials was coming, and now we see what Jiepang and Nokia were cooking up.

Impressively, Nokia has even released three new NFC-capable handsets to coincide with this – the Nokia 600, 700, and 701 (pictured above) – which would all work perfectly with Jiepang’s newest NFC poster check-ins. The three Symbian-Belle powered smartphones are aimed at developing countries where customers are looking for an affordable but powerful device. The 701 model will sell for 290 Euros (2,700 RMB), which puts it at about the same price as new Android-powered phones from HTC, such as the Desire.

Jiepang’s NFC posters – just put your phone up against one for an automatic, smart check-in – will appear in six cities across Greater China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Taipei. Actually, any NFC-equipped phone could make use of them, such as the Samsung Nexus S.

Jiepang has made a nice video with hipster-y music to show you how it all works (or if you’re in China head over to Youku to see a different vid):

[Source: Engadget Chinese]

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