Nintendo Puts the 3DS in a Museum. (It’s Not What You Think)


Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto trying the 3DS Louvre guide

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto trying the 3DS Louvre guide

The Louvre and Nintendo (TYO:7974) have teamed up an in somewhat surprising partnership to provide audio and visual guides to the famous museum’s many visitors. The guides will use Nintendo’s 3DS to assist with both navigation of the museum on an interactive map, as well as provide information about the many works of art housed there, like the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo.

As you can see in the promotional video below, vistors can view certain works in 3D (erm… just like you can in real life) and zoom in on tiny details thanks to the HD imagery. In total there are over 700 audio commentaries and photos.

There will be two tour options that you can choose from: 1) the ’Masterpieces“ tour, and 2) the ”Egypt for all the family" tour [1]. Each one will span 45 minutes. The guides will be available in seven languages, and will cost €5 (or about $6.50).

You can check out the clip below from Nintendo for a better idea of how it works. Personally, I used to be a big fan of the Nintendo DS, but I confess the only gaming that I do these days is the occasional bit of Infinity Blade on the iPad.

Perhaps I should send my DS to a museum? 😉

  1. The Egypt tour is said to be coming soon.  ↩

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