Zalora Indonesia and Philippines Celebrate Anniversaries with Huge Sales


Fashion e-commerce sites Zalora Indonesia and Philippines are offering interesting sales programs today, both in relation to their first birthdays. The Indonesian site is offering a 100 percent cash back for items purchased with a minimum value of IDR 300,000 ($31). Customers will receive a voucher with the same value as their shopping cost today, but those vouchers can only be used for purchases that are worth at least twice the given vouchers. In other words, an IDR 300,000 ($31) voucher can only be used when the purchase is IDR 600,000 ($62) or more. Zalora Philippines is offering a more simplistic sales program, in the form of good old discounts.

Zalora Indonesia is holding the sales program as anticipation to its first birthday on February 23rd, while today is actually the birthday of the Filipino site. You can check the Indonesian promo here and the Philippines’ here.

Happy birthday Zalora Philippines!