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Yahoo’s Jacqueline Reses Takes Seat on Alibaba Board

Steven Millward
Steven Millward
1:24 pm on Dec 5, 2012

Yahoo’s Jacqueline Reses

China’s biggest e-commerce company, Alibaba, has just announced that Yahoo’s (NASDAQ:YHOO) Jacqueline Reses has joined Alibaba Group’s board of directors. After this summer’s partial stake buy-back by the Chinese firm, Yahoo still owns approximately 23 percent of Alibaba.

Reses joins founder Jack Ma, CFO Joe Tsai, and Softbank’s (TYO:9984) Masayoshi Son as one of four directors on the board. She takes the seat of Yahoo’s Tim Morse at the table.

Ma said in today’s announcement:

[This] underscores Alibaba’s strong relationship with Yahoo. We are pleased to welcome such an experienced and respected executive like Jackie, who brings a wealth of strategic insight and operating experience to the Alibaba board.

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