Twilio Partners with KDDI Web Communications to Push its API in Japan


San Francisco-based Twilio has struck a deal with Japan’s KDDI Web Communications for distribution of the Twilio API to developers in Japan. Just last month Twilio partnered with AT&T in in a similar tie-up. The service allows developers to build voice and communication tools on top of its cloud infrastructure.

Josh Constine of TechCrunch writes:

Leveraging the AT&T and KDDI licensing deals could help Twilio convince more carriers around the globe to embrace its vision of the future. Considering it just added support for 20 new countries at once, it’ll need all the localization help it can get. I’d expect it to chase similar partnerships in the UK, Brazil, and Israel. Those areas are becoming hot beds for startups that could help Twilio on its quest to serve 200,000 developers.