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Square Enix Weighing Feedback on its High Mobile Game Pricing

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
8:15 pm on Oct 29, 2012

Pocket Gamer cites Anthony Douglas, Square Enix’s (TYO:9684) general manager for mobile in Europe, on the company’s extremely high mobile game prices:

$20 for something you can play for 30 or 40 hours is still cheaper than what you can get on a handheld. [Square Enix] Japan are trying that and seeing how it works, and it works very well in Japan. […] It has been commented on quite a lot in Europe in the West, [and] they’re responding to it. They’re seeing the feedback, and there will probably be changes in the way that it’s structured.

Square Enix demonstrating Nintendo-like agility in adjusting to digital distribution. Lets see how long it takes for actual changes.

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