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Singapore Preps More 4G Spectrum Auctions, Will Cost Telcos $300 Million

Steven Millward
Steven Millward
10:03 pm on Jan 16, 2013

Some Singapore telcos rolled out 4G services back in September of last year, but the nation’s LTE roll-out is far from complete. The government today announced that more spectrums will be up for auction in mid-2013 for a reserve price of S$360 million (US$300 million).

The Straits Times points out that a total of 27 blocks of 4G airwaves will be up for grabs. But full 4G coverage across all the planned bands, and nationwide, won’t be ready until 2016.

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  • Tung Seng

    As per my knowledge so far the cost will go above $300 million.

  • http://about.me/laars Lars

    Sir Steve.. err.. Will Cost ‘Telcos’ $300 Million.. initially.. yes.. but.. to be accurate:

    As standard practice – they pass that investment cost (plus-plus) along to end users.
    Basically a blind-tax.. the Japanese regulator approach (zero spectrum fee) is better.

    Just sayin.. 😎