Meizu MX2 Hits China Unicom Today, Available for Free on Some Contract Plans


Meizu MX2 China Unicom

The Meizu MX2 launched last month, bringing a 4.4-inch Android-powered quad-core phone to consumers in China for prices starting at 2,499 RMB ($400) unlocked. Beginning this morning, the phone arrives on China Unicom and will be available for free so long as you agree to a minimum contract time of two years in which you need to take on a pretty hefty 226 RMB ($36) per month 3G data plan.

Most phone buyers in China prefer smaller 3G plans and unlocked phones, but it’s an option that some might fancy. China Unicom’s online store is currently also heavily promoting the Samsung Galaxy Nite II and the China-made rival to Meizu, the Xiaomi Mi2.