Leaders Make Hard Choices


A good friend who runs a startup recently told me how important it is to have a key leader (or some call it dictator) running the team. I couldn’t agree more. A recent piece wonderfully written by Mark Suster has captured the essence of why a leader is so important. My favorite bits below:

You’re the leader. It is your job to face these decisions early rather than put off that which is unpleasant. It is your job to absorb the uncertainty so that others can concentrate. Your job to face the naysayers, the haters, the skeptics, the back-benchers, the soft. And to take shit from all of them while still turning up at work with a smile on your faces and moving forward.

You’ll get your accolades. People will notice results. You’ll get public pats on the back and attaboys (girls). But you’ll have an equal chorus of, “She’s difficult to work with. She far too opinionated. Tempestuous.”

Fuck ‘em.

Don’t feed the trolls. Know that you signed up for this and it is why you are a leader.

You can read the article in full by clicking the link below. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, I highly recommend you to subscribe to Suster’s blog and follow him on Twitter.