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Indonesia’s President Will No Longer Use Hacked Website

Enricko Lukman
Enricko Lukman
12:20 am on Feb 7, 2013

The website of the Indonesian president, PresidenSBY.info, got hacked a few weeks ago, and is no longer used as the president’s official site. There were actually two official presidential sites, which served the same content, and so now the government will only use the other domain, PresidenRI.go.id. The former website now only shows a link to the sole official homepage.

While I’ve spoken my mind about the hacker’s disproportionate punishment, today Detik cited the ICT minister as saying that the hacker will “only” be facing around seven to eight years of imprisonment, contrary to the reported charge of that entailed 12 years of imprisonment. I still think that’s too much.

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