Steven Millward
Steven Millward
10:15 pm on Nov 6, 2012

A draft of an annual report sent to US Congress calls China “the most threatening actor in cyberspace” that aims cyber attacks at many corporate and military “specialized targets.” To highlight the scale of hack attacks coming out of China, a Bloomberg piece today carries this little anecdote from the commission’s report:

According to statistics supplied to the commission by San Francisco-based service provider CloudFlare Inc., attacks account for about 15 percent of global internet traffic on any given day. That “plummeted to about 6.5 percent” around Oct. 1, 2011, China’s National Day, “when many workers take leave,” according to the draft report.

Well, even state-sponsored hackers need a bit of downtime, huh.

  • Lawrence

    Or, more likely, the spyware infested Windows computers that the average user is using here are turned off for the holidays..

    You’ll probably find that most of them are botnet’s.

    I see more spam from America than China these days, so yes, lets go point fingers shall we…

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