BlackBerry 10 ‘Game Port-a-Thon’ Events Hit Asia in December


RIM’s (NASDAQ:RIMM) Blackberry Jam Asia event is going on today (Crackberry blog has a keynote liveblog here) with a focus on the upcoming BB 10 OS. RIM has also just confirmed its roster of Port-a-thon game development events in Asia that local developers might want to check out. It’s a chance, says RIM, for devs “to either bring their existing game or build a new gaming app for BlackBerry 10.” Here are the Asia-Pacific stops for the Port-a-thon in December:

  • 3 Dec – Bangkok, Thailand
  • 5 Dec – Sydney, Australia
  • 6 Dec – Singapore
  • 10 Dec – Bandung, Indonesia
  • 12 Dec – Hyderabad, India
  • 14 Dec – Mumbai, India
  • 22 Dec – Hong Kong

Check the BlackBerry site link for event addresses.